10th Sylhet District Conference

By on November 28, 2016
10th Sylhet District Conference

10 district conference of  Sylhet district branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad was held on 11th November 2016. The conference was presided over by the president of Sylhet district committee Khushi Chowdhury. Central committee vice president Fauzia Moslem, Joint General secretary Rakhi Das Purkayastha, Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum Central committee member Gouri Bhattacharja addressed  the conference.

Krishana Chakrabartee  delivered the welcome speech.

Central committee member Gouri Bhattacharja convey thanks to all and expected that new committee of   Bangladesh Mahila  Parishad Sylhet district branch  will work to establish woman human rights and take forward women movement She also told that new and old member  altogether work for the betterment of women at Sylhet district.

Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum said that BMP was founded by poet Sufia Kamal is guided by 10 principles. She also told that BMP is not a political organization . Its believes on woman human rights. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad works to establish women’s human rights and constitutional rights. She also said, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has its own manifesto and constitution through which Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is managed. She also said all women above 16 years who believe in the liberation war of  Bangladesh and emancipation of woman can be member of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is also involved in international women’s movement. Social action committee consist of 70 organizations. BMP act as  the secretary of social action committee to resist violence against women.

Joint general secretary of central committee  Rakhi Das Purkayastha expressed thanks to all. She also recalled the ex women leaders of Sylhet district. She told that Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Sylhet district has some weakness and also some strength. She told that BMP is a volunteer organization. It believes on democracy and man women equal rights and on secularism.  It not only build skill organizers, but also good man.

Vice president  of cetral committee Fauzia Moslem told that  there is no dignity of women at family, society and state as she has no right on resources and property. To achieve women empowerment structure of state and attitude of society should be changed. To establish women rights full CEDAW convention should be implemented.  She told that Sylhet is rich for its heritage. So we should hold this heritage.  Involvement of  Young women  in Sylhet district branch should be increased.

Anew committee  was formed comprised of 25 members in which Chobi Hawlader elected as president  and Rawsanara Mukul  as general secretary .

About 150 participants were present at the program.










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