8th District conference of Kumerkhali

By on September 5, 2016
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8th District conference of Kumerkhali district branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad was held on 19thAugust, 2016. The conference was presided over by President of Kumerkhali district branch Momotaj Begum while general secretary of BMP Maleka Banu, joint general secretary Shima Moslem and Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum were present as central committee representatives.A total of 500 hundred organizers, members participated the conference.

Organizing secretary Bangladesh Mahila Parishad  Umme Salma begum said   Bangladesh Mahila Parishad  is a organization founded by poet Sufia kamal.  BMP started to work in 4 April 1970. She also told that BMP is not a political organization but it has its own politics .That is its believes on woman human rights. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad works to establish women’s human rights and constitutional rights. She also said, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has its own declaration and constitution through which Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is managed. She also said all women above 16 years who believe in the liberation war of Bangladesh and emancipation of woman can be member of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is also involved in international women’s movement.  She also told that development of any country depends on development of women. So women should come forward to do different development activities. Mahila parishad also drafted and recommended different law related to protect violence against women. She said at present BMP launches different activities through its 56 district branches, 2300 grass root branches and works with more than one lakh women. BMP also works with 70 likeminded organization called social action committee. BMP is the secretariat of social action committee.

General Secretary of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad central committee Maleka Banu told that BMP started its works in 1970. This organization bears the values of liberation war. It believes on equal rights of man and woman.  Mission and Vision of the organization is woman emancipation and to establish woman rights as human rights, half of the population in country is woman. Development of any society is not possible without the development of woman. She also told that nationally and internationally Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has a position and acceptance

She told that yet society, family; state would not give proper dignity to the woman. She also told that equal right of Man and women are incorporated in the constitution of 1971. She told that full implementation of CEDAW convention not yet done by Government. At the end she requested the audience to organize the woman and to go forward of women movement

Joint general secretary Shima Moslem said that Kumerkhali is a historical place. Because of it is a place of Kangal Horinath, Mir Mosharraf  Hossain,  Lalon Shah, great poet Rabindranath Tagore . So we think to establish women rights are easier here.

She said that women are tortured by husband and mother in laws in our society. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad introduced promotion and protection of domestic violence act 2010 she also told that garment workers play a significant role to earn foreign currency. She told that recently terrorism rises at Bangladesh. We should must stop this. Otherwise we could not protect our young generation.

Special guest Advocate Mir Arshed Ali told that BMP is a most effective organization to establish women rights in Bangladesh.

President of social action committee Kumerkhali district Akram Hossain told that Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Kumerkhali has started to work 40 years back. He wishes success of BMP.

A new committee was formed comprised of 32 members in wcich Momotaj begum was elected as President and Rowshan Ara as General Secretary.

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