Adolescent Girl’s Health

By on August 4, 2014
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A sharing meeting with inmates of Rokea Sadan was held on 21 July`2014 at Sufia Kamal auditorium in Segun Bagicha. Topic of discussion was health issue of Adloscent girl. This meeting was organized by Rokeya Sadan sub committee of BMP. Presided by Dr. Fouzia Moslem Vice–President of BMP.

The Seminar was also attended by General Secretary Maleka Banu. Asst General Secretary, Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum, Secretary of RokeySadan sub-committee  Nasrin Monsur, Secretary of Health sub-committee Nurul Wara Begum, Member of Rokeya Sadan Selina Hai, Asru Bhattacharjee Superinendent of Rokeya Sadan,  Administrative officer Israt Jahan were present in the Seminar.

Main discussants of the seminar were Dr. Shamim Afroz Alvi. She commented on Adloscent girl’s health problem with emphasis about what should be done during the time of menstruation of adolescent girl’s.

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Nafisa Sultana, Counselor, discussed about the psychological change during this period.

General Secretary Maleka Banu stated that Bangladesh Mahila Parishad works to protect women rights. Women’s health issue is also a significant issue like women rights. So it’s very essential for us to know about the health issues. We have to be concern about the health and psychological changes occurred during the menstruation periods. On this issue parents have a vital role to play. She also mentioned that, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is protesting for a long period to include these topics in the text books. This is to make the adolescent girls and boys more conscious about their health issues. Consequently this topic has been included in the text books, which is a immense achievement of the protest indeed.

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During the Discussion Vice- President Dr. Fouzia Moslem said, in every stages of our life we suffer from different health concerning issues, which are changeable from age to age. For this, we have to learn about the health issues and the changes of our health and many other things regarding health problems. She also mentioned that, few years ago we were in such a situation that we could not even think of discussing about adolescent girl’s health issues. But now the time has been changed today.We are discussing about the same issue, besides people are focusing this issue on media as well. We have to learn from these. We also have to learn about the psychological changes which occurred reciprocally with the health difficulties.She concluded by saying that, we have to discuss this issue with the elder members of our family so that we will not face any difficulties regarding these issues.

Nurul wara begum Health Secretary of this organization also said her words on this issue.

The Seminar was hosted by Nasreen Mansur Secretary of Rokeya SadanSub-Committee. The proctected girls of Rokeya Sadan also participated during the discussion.

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