Bangladesh Mahila Parishad observe Organization Fortnight-2017

By on October 18, 2017

To expend and strengthen the organization and upgrade skill efficiency of its members Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has taken various program to observe its organizing fortnight-2017 from 15 October to 30 October 2017. The program is being held in BMP’s 63 district branches and 2,300 grassroots branches.

The Slogan of Organizational fortnight 2017 is

 “Build Inclusive Women’s Movement Involving Women of All Walks of Life”

Highlight of program are:

 District branch:

  1. District branch will call a special meeting of executive committee to chalckout the branch programs.
  2. Opening of Organization fortnight with a meeting of member in local area, village and educational institution reached through display banner.
  3. Sending report about organization on local media.
  4. Arrange district branch meeting on the agenda as follow:
  5. Constitutionof Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.
  6. Role of young organizers for consolidation of Organization.
  7. Arrange young women’s meeting.
  8. Executive committee meeting of all grassroots branches.
  9. Arrange grassroots branch meeting on the agenda as bellow:
  10. Constitutionof Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.
  11. Discussion on variousaspects for consolidation of Organization.
  12. Arrange organizational training at least two grassroots branch in every district.
  13. Communication with different age, group and professional women of district and grassroots branches.
  14. Arrange discussion meeting about women movement of Bangladesh, challenges and development.
  15. Arrange at least one sharing meeting with Indigenous/Dalit, young women in district branch.
  16. District organizers have to arrange organizational program on own creative.
  17. Conclusion meeting of Organizational Fortnight on 30 October 2017.

Central Program:

  1. Membership renew of Central Committee member and National Council member.
  2. Central Organization sub-committee can take any other special program as demanded.
  3. Participation of Central Organization Sub-committee in district branch’s program such as Tour, Training, District Conference, Motivational meeting on organizational fortnight.
  4. A mass gathering of different professional young women.
  5. Advertisement on daily newspaper inviting women to join Bangladesh Mahila Parishad by taking membership and renew membership etc.
  6. Publication of bulletin of report of central, district and grassroots program on Organizational Fortnight 2017.
  7. Concluding Meeting of Organizational Fortnight citing activity of the report of month long country wide programs.
  8. For Program implementation, work in co-ordination with other sub-committee.

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Download (PDF, Unknown)

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