Brief History of BMP


Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) is a women’s human rights organization. BMP emerged as a woman’s group the preparatory phase of liberation war of Bangladesh in 1970. The founder members of the worked as organizer of the organization as well as liberation war simultaneously.

Organization was launched under the bold leadership of Poet Sufia Kamal, the competent successor of Begum pioneer dreamer of women’s emancipation of the sub-continent. In order to eradicate all forms of inequalities against women, BMP is devoted to establish a democratic, secular, discrimination free family, society and state in the light of UFH/R and on the basis of the spirit of our liberation war. To promote the status of women of Bangladesh, BMP is active both nationally and internationally, in order to empower women, who are living in a disadvantageous position. The organization has been in Bangladesh on voluntary basis for more than three decades and pioneering the women’s movement with slogan ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights’. The organization is committed to uphold the values of equality.

Organization name
Bangladesh Mahila Parishad

4th April 1970

Legal Status
– Under the society act 1860- #: Dha- 0462 (1976)
– Under NGO Affairs Bureau-#: 669 (1992)
– Member of Economic and Social Council of United Nations (ECOSOC) since 1997
– Member of CONGO since 2000