Certificate course closing-2016 ceremony completed successfully

By on November 23, 2016

At the initiative of Training, Research and Library (TRL) sub unit of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) central committee, quarterly based certificate course entitled ‘Gender, Woman Empowerment and Development-2016’ inaugural was started in July 21, 2016  at the  Sufiya kamal Auditorium. In November 12, 2016 by the distribution of certificates among the students closing ceremony held successfully at the Anowara Begum and Munira khanam Auditorium in BMP central Office.

Inaugural ceremony conducted by Rina Ahamed, secretary of TRL sub unit,  Ayesha Khanam, president of BMP presided over this program and joint-general secretary Shima Moslem also was a spokesperson over this session.

Following the series of success for the 5th time in a row, certificate awarded to the number of 22 students from different sectors includes: development worker, human right activist, lawyer, journalist, police officer, writer, teacher, student, housewife and stuffs and organizer of BMP. Curriculum of certificate Course prepared with eight different modules covering wide range of topic includes: Conceptualizing Gender, Gender, empowerment and Development, Feminist research theory, Gender and Policies, Gender and Economy, Gender and Environment and Gender and Culture. A number of 48 classes were held on different module. Syllabuses were lessened by the eminent professor from Dhaka and Jahangirnagar University, Researcher from BIDS, Woman leaders and experts from various institutes.

Certificate course was carried out through field visit, panel discussion, group discussion, presentation and conducted in a participatory process.

Field visit held in October 6, 2016 at the Narasingdhi district. There was 22 participants attended in this field work. Field work conducted with female respondents from irrespective of social class and occupational group through direct interview method.  From 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM interview schedule were opened. An encouraging initiative of BMP Narasingdhi branch played cordial role to conduct this field visit class make successful.

Panel discussion held in October 29, 2016 at the Sufiya Kamal Auditorium. Former advisor of caretaker govt. chairman and managing director of Adcom ltd.  Geety Ara Safiya, Major Nusrat AL-Noor Chowdhury of Bangladesh Army, Footbaler Achiya Akter Bithy of Bangladesh national team, Fatema Begum Mony, Garments worker and Sanchita , students, Paltan Girls high school and college attended there, panelist are highlighted their uncovering story of struggle and challenges of success with the students. Session conducted by the course Director and Joint Secretary of BMP central committee, Shima Moslem, President, Ayesha Khanam presided over this session.

Group work presentation held in November 05, 2016 there was 9 group works presentation was submitted by the students and it was carried out of two sessions. Group work presentation moderated by Rina Ahmed, Secretary of TRL sub unit of BMP’s central committee, president, Ayesha khanam, secretary Maleka Banu, other secretariats and members of central committee were evaluate this presentation.

Certificate distribution and closing ceremony was held in November 12, 2016 at the Anowara Begum, Munira Khanam Auditorium in Sufiya Kamal Vaban, 10/B/1 Segun Bagicha. The session conducted by Rina Ahmed, secretary of TRL sub-committee and President, Ayesha Khanm presided over this session, chief guest was Professor Dr. A.A.M.S.Arefin Siddque, chancellor of Dhaka University while Taniya Hoque, associate professor of Women and Gender Studies Dept. of DU and Hiranmay Halder, lawyer of Supreme Court attended there also. At the beginning of the session Course Director and Joint-Secretary of BMP central committee, Shima Moslem addressed her maiden speech focusing on the objectives and vitality of this certificate course.

Result presentation and certificate session moderated by Shajadi Shamima Afjali, member of TRL sub-committee of central committee.

In this closing ceremony, secretary of BMP central committee Maleka Banu, all secretariats, leaders of BMP Dhaka Mahanagar unit and different sub-committee, resource persons, senior stuffs of BMP central office and formers students present also.

Students among the certificates course Mokadessa Kaderi, Monitoring and evaluation officer of Action Aid Bangladesh and Farida Yasmin, Police Super, VIP protocol of Bangladesh police briefly expressed their views, comments and strength on the course on behalf of participants.

Taniya Hoque said, BMP has a lot of laudable activities in this country, as well many others multitasking activities establishing women and gender studies Dept. in DU, it’s a great remark of their pioneered work.

Hiranmay Halder, said to protect and promote women right BMP reinforced implementing lot of policy, advocacy and movements for last few decades, its praiseworthy and effective.

Honorable Chief Guest A.A.M.S. Arefin Siddique said, BMPs activities are well acknowledged, deeply rotted and vivid for a long decades. Women’s are the frontier of any social forces; we should stay with them in any aspect of movements. In the status of education, progress of female become great in number than its male counterpart, it’s a mark of current success of empowering women, he mentioned. Social progress is linear with women progress, it’s impossible unless we ensure the dignity of women, he adds also.

 President, Ayesha Khanam of BMP, said since 1970 to 2016, BMP has a long journey of 46 years on the way of establishing woman right as a human right.  Today’s certificate course is an initial outcome of our needs and demands to raise awareness among the society. Ayesha Khanam, emphasized that women are no longer the subject of development rather she is the sole agent of development. It’s revealed from the 6 decades long experience of UN that if women were considered as a central role of development, we could have found more social progress, she is change maker not the target of development, she expressed. BMP continuously tries to establish Sufia kamal Vaban as a special kinds of centre of knowledge and excellence, as a symbol of educating the citizen using gender lens, and will be it continue, she added further.


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