Certificate Course on Gender, Woman Empowerment and Development – 2017

By on October 18, 2017

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) at the initiatives of Training, Research and library (TRL) sub-committee organized a three month long certificate course entitled Gender, Woman Empowerment and Developement-2017. Opening ceremony of the course was held on 14 September 2017 at 3:30 PM in the Sufiya Kmal Auditorium, 10/B/1, Segun Bagicha Dhaka. Certificate course will continue till 30 December 2017.

This year for the 7th time in a row, course has started with 31 participants from different sectors includes: Govt. officer, development worker, human right activist, lawyer, police officer, teacher and student. Curriculum of certificate Course contains with eight different modules covering wide range of topic includes: Conceptualizing Gender, Gender, empowerment and Development, Feminist Research methodology, Gender and Policies, Gender and Economy, Gender and Environment and Gender and Culture. Faculty members includes by the eminent professor from Dhaka and Jahangirnagar University, eminent lawyer, researcher from BIDS, women leaders and experts from various institutes.

Course  conducted through participatory method has apart theoretical classes, group work, seminar, panel discussion, subject wise discussion as well as field visit were includes in the course. Around 48 lectures, two lectures in a week will be held regularly from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Inaugural ceremony conducted by Rina Ahamed, secretary of (TRL) sub-committee, was presided over by Dr. Fouzia Moslem, Vice-President of BMP and General Secretary Maleka Banu, Joint-General secretary Shima Moslem & Ayesha Banu, professor, Women and Gender studies department, Dhaka University were the speaker in this session. BMP central Committee members, different sub-committee members, and staffs of BMP, Media representatives participated in the programme.

Shima Moslem, Course director and Joint General Secretary of BMP has explained the Bmp has multi dimensional activity of the organization including the certificate course. The main objective of certificate course is to increase gender awareness of both male and female members of the society for building gender sensitive human society. Now-a-days women’s participation in all forms of profession is noticeable but discrimination between men and women is also existent. We should use gender lens to analyze about the root cause of this discrimination in our society. Different professionals both men & women should have gender sensitive perspective about women in their professions.

Dr. Fouzia Moslem, chair of the session and Vice-President of BMP has addressed BMP as a leading organization working to establish and promote women’s dignity in Bangladesh. She said, windows of opportunity for women are flourishing now but acquiring progress has many barriers and patriarchal mind set is a major problem. We have to overcome such obstacles and enrich gender sensibility through education.  Finally she welcomed the participants of certificate course which is as a symbol of educating the citizen using gender lens, she expressed confidence that the course will helpful both of their personal and societal life.

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