Chandpur District Conference-2016

By on August 11, 2016

District conference of Chandpur district branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad was held on 29 th July, 2016. The conference was presided over by Vice President of Chandpur district branch Tohura Begum while Joint general secretary of BMP Rakhi Das Purkayastha and Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum were present as central committee representatives.

Joint General Secretary of BMP Rakhi Das Purkayastha gave, thanks to the guests and participants for attending the conference. She told that since inception, BMP relentlessly works for woman emancipation. Because BMP believes woman rights as human rights. She told that in our country there is no recognition of women farmers though their works involve in17 activities out 22 act activities of agriculture. In every sector of society compare to male woman are deprived. But this is time to change. Very recently terrorism rises in Bangladesh. Because the new generation ignore about our history of liberation war. They forget the spirit of 1971 war and became derailed. So new generation must know the right history of liberation war and to develop right ideology. She requested the male members in the society to come forward to resist violence against women.

Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum said Rules of procedure of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad guided by 10 principles. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is a organization founded by poet Sufia kamal. She also told that BMP is not a political organization but it has its own politics .That is it’s believes on woman human rights. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad works to establish women’s human rights and constitutional rights. She also said, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has its own declaration and constitution through which Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is managed. She also said all women above 16 years who believe in the liberation war of Bangladesh and emancipation of woman can be member of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is also involved in international women’s movement. She also gave an example novel laureate Amartya Sen that Bangladesh is in advanced position regarding social index. Because of the contribution of women in development sectors.

As a special guest editor of `The Chandpur Kantho’ Mr. Kazi Shadat praised the contribution of BMP to establish women rights in the country even at grass root level.

A new committee was formed comprised of 35 members in which Lila Masumder was elected as President and Kazi Suraya akhter as General Secretary. About 250 participants were present in the program.

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