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By on February 2, 2017
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Bangladesh Mahila Parishad organized a press conference on 8 January 2017 at Sufia Kamal Bhaban auditorium on prevailing national situation.

President Ayesha Khanam moderated the conference while General Secretary Maleka Banu, Vice President Rekha Chowdhury, Joint General Secretary Rakhi Das Purkaystha and Shima Moslem were present. Vice President Rekha Chowdhury presented a written statement of BMP. In this press conference Bangladesh Mahila Parishad addressed its concern over the alarming number of violence against women and girl child.

Answering a question President Ayesha Khanam stated that Mahila Parishad had been experiencing that commitments made earlier in favour of women’s fundamental rights not yet being materialized.  The Government is in dilemma about its pledges. And this makes them concerned today.  She also stated that the Govt. had absolute majority in the parliament to amend constitution about direct election of women’s reserved seats in the parliament, but reluctant to amend necessary amendments to the end due to lack of strong political will.

President Ayesha Khanam said that despite facing so many troubles, women still contribute a lot from grass root to central level. She noted that all obstacles and negativity faced by women should be resolved politically to give women better opportunities in politics.

She demanded direct election in women’s reserved seats and increase the number of reserved seats and re demarcation of constituencies. 19 point demands were raised at the conference.

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