Meeting of young Women in Organizational month 2016

By on October 13, 2016

In celebration of organization month 2016 of BMP young women meeting was convened on 29 September 2016 at the Chhayanaut  Bhaban  Cultural  auditorium. Ayesha Khanam president of BMP presided the meeting

Young  singer Mohith khan rendered motivational and patriotic song.

Organizing secretary  of central committee Umme Salma was first speaker of meeting. She told that  BMPcelebrating 1-30 September,2016 as organization month. As a part of this month meeting of young women has been convened.  She also told that from this gathering organization will be able to know how and what young generation is thinking about society. What role they will play in existing social problems and take part of social progress. She hoped that their thought will enrich women movement in future.

Joint general secretary of central committee Rakhi Das Purkayastha told about mission vision of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. She said that BMP has been working relentlessly for the last 46 years to establish women rights as human rights. At present status of woman or achievement of women is a result of 46 years long journey. She told Religious fundamentalism is now a days great challenges. Not only young boys but girls are also associated with fundamentalism.  This is right time to stop this and to save young generation. She requested the young audience to come forward and organize to resist fundamentalism and anarchy of the society. She also told the development of the country depends on the empowerment of women. She hoped young women and men play a significant role to bring progress of the nation.

Halima- Tus Sadia student of Department  of women and Gender studies University of Dhaka said that

Small portion of the population in our country became derailed. Rest of the population play positive role in the society and development of the country. Social media also play a significant role about to change the society and go forward women movement. She narrated her experiences in discharging her social responsibility which is mostly encouraging

Ritisa Chakma as a ethnic women shared her experiences. She told that not only a woman further a ethnic women she has been discriminated in all sectors and faces obstacles almost everywhere.

Asad –Doullah Al Saim as a young professional praise the BMP activities. He also shared his experiences of violence against women even of some incident of University.

Ummul Wara Sweety special representative of ‘The Daily Amader Arthonity’ told that though  women are now being educated but they are lack behind in job sectors. Film maker Jannatul Ferdous Ivy shared her professional challenges as a women film maker

Ayesha Khanam president of BMP told that young age is a important part of life cycle. She told that patriarchy not only exist in man also in women. BMP works for democratic, secular state and equal rights for man and women. State also has some responsibilities to establish equal rights and democratic environment. She also told that women of South east Asia faces different challenges to make them success .Globally youth are facing challenges and identity crisis. State should identify why the young are victimized of fundamentalism. Why they select the path of self killing. She asked the young generation to be committed from this gathering and to be bold to solve the present problems of fundamentalism. She hoped women movement through implementation of different activities would be able to change the society and young men and women will act as a force in it.

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