Munsigonj District conference

By on December 12, 2016
Munsigonj District conference

9 th district conference of  Munsigonj district branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad was held on 2nd December 2016. The conference was presided over by the president of Munsigonj district committee Razia Begum. Central committee  Joint General secretary Shima Moslem, Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum, health secretary Nurul-wara –Begum were present  at the conference. As a special guest Educationist  Khaleda khanam,Upozila vice chairman  Meherunnesa Nazma, Sommelito Sanskritik Jot president Motiul Islam Hiru Drama personality Humayun Farid, Press club general secretary Sonia Habib  attended the program.

General secretary of Munsigonj district branch Nasima akther delivered the welcome speech.

Drama personality Humayun Farid told that he is proud to be a father of a daughter. Activities of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad in Munsigonj is very important. He wishes success of the district conference.

General secretary of Munsigonj press club Sonia Habib labony told that  negative attitude  towards girl child should be changed at family level first then society and state. There are many women leading the organizations in Munsigonj. They also contributed to aware the people violence against women. She also told that women should be empowered.

Sommelito Sanskritic Jot president Motiul Islam Hiru made commitment to provide cooperation to BMP in Munsigonj and wishes success of the conference.

Upozila vice chairman Meherunnesa Nazma told that honorable prime minister got prize to achieve target of MDG . Now we work for SDG. Women should be educated and be aware. She also told that due to patriarchy women are lack behind at the society.

Educationist Khaleda khanam told that Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Munsigang Branch started to work in 1984. She told that women in advanced position should cooperate those women who are under privileged group. Women would be able to achieve their rights when they will be aware of their rights.

Health secretary of central committee Nurul-wara Begum told that the torch which lighted  by poet sufia Kamal in 1970. Now on lighted the whole of Bangladesh. She demand full implementation CEDAW and also demand one third reserve seats for women in the parliament and also direct election to the reserve seats.

Organizing Secretary Umme Salma Begum said that BMP was founded by poet Sufia Kamal is guided by 10 principles. She also told that BMP is not a political organization. It believes in woman’s human rights. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad works to establish women’s human rights and constitutional rights. She also said, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has its own manifesto and constitution through which Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is managed. She also said all women above 16 years who believe in the liberation war of Bangladesh and emancipation of woman can be member of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is also involved in international women’s movement. Social action committee consists of 69 organizations. BMP act as the secretariat of social action committee to resist violence against women. She requested the participants to read Mahila Samacher.

Joint general secretary Shima moslem told that  Munsigonj is a historical place with many regards. She told that this is the birth place of Buddhist scholar, religious preceptor and philosopher Atish Dipankar Srijan. She also recall the memory Begum Rokeya Shakawat  who is a pioneer of female education. She also told that half portion of the population in our country is women. 80% garments workers are also women and they earn the major proportion of foreign currency. Finally she wishes the success of conference.

A new committee was formed consist of 32 members. Advocate Nasima Akthar became president and Salma begum became general Secretary of the committee.

A total of 300 organizers, members participated the program.

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