Observance of National Council Meeting -2017

By on February 13, 2017
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Internal Annual Planning and Evaluation Meeting

National Council Meeting -2017 was held on 27-28 January, 2017 at Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) auditorium Topkhana road Dhaka. Suraya Sabrin Asha student of law Department University of Asia Specific, worker women Shirin Akthar and farmer women Ranu Ara Begum were present as special guest of the program and chaired by Ayesha Khanam president of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Slogan of National Council Meeting of this year adopted as “Build inclusive Women’s Movement involving Women of all walks of life.’’ The event was divided into three working sessions. Welcome address was given by Maleka Banu, General Secretary of central committee, BMP. Meeting was started with condolence massage member of central committee Rehana Younus presented condolence message and General Secretary of Sylhet district branch Rowsan Ara Mukul presented the general condolence message.

General secretary Maleka Banu welcomed the participant of the meeting she told that National Council is the highest policy making body of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Future working planning will adopted from following session. She also told that the year 2016 has some achievement at the same time period faced critical situation national growth rate was high in the year. Trail of war criminal was done and Government in handled the Holy Women earn commendable achievement football, weight shifting and swimming. But situation prevailing in society for women not —–. Full implementation of CEDOW convention is not done yet, reflection gender discrimination and communal feeling in text curriculum is taking the society back. Finally she told that for the last 4 decades BMP is working relentlessly to establish equal rights, democratic society.

The Inaugural session was conducted by Umme Salma Begum, Organizing Secretary, Central committee. First working session was conducted by Monira Begum Anu, member of central committee BMP, 2nd working session was conducted by Rina Ahmed Secretary, Research, Training and Library Sub–committee, BMP and 3rd working session was Sunanda Samadder, member of central committee BMP.

Inaugural session was chaired by Ayesha Khanam, president of BMP, conducted by Umme Salma Begum, Organizing Secretary Central committee. In the session Suraya Sabrin Asha student of law department University of Asia Specific, recalled Rokeya Shakhwat and founder of Bangladesh Mohila Parishad poet Sufia kamal. She told that still now women are not achieving equal rights. Some youth are became derailed and became addicted. She praises the endeavor of study circle of BMP. Farmer women Ranu Ara begum demanded the recognition of working as farmer women. Farmer women in Bangladesh are involved 17 steps of agriculture. She also demanded interest free bank loan for women farmer, fare wages and women friendly agriculture. Worker women Shirin Akthar told that garment workers play a significant role in economy of Bangladesh. They still not get fare wages and maternity leave. The garments owners are benefitted by making huge amount of profit. Though Bangladesh got independence in 1971 but women workers have not achieved freedom. She demanded minimum salary of 10000 Taka par months Tk 2000, Tk 1000 as medical allowance and Tk 1000 for transport allowances.

Ayesha Khanam, president of BMP told that since 1971 every year BMP is having (holding) its national council meeting. She told that national council is a policy making session of BMP. In the meeting critically analysis the patriarchy is done to establish women human rights. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad from the beginning works at grass root level. From the inception it works against fundamentalism, Military government and autocracy. Now days we observe use of religion in politics. She urges the participants to raise voice against fundamentalism and anarchy. She told that Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Dalit, Horijon all are the citizen of Bangladesh. Women movements are always in favor of democracy. She expressed her concerned of on keeping  special note on early marriage prevention Finally she requested the participant to establish violence free and democratic society.

The session followed by three working sessions. All sessions are chaired by President of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Ayesha khanam. 1st working session was conducted by member of central committee of BMP Monira Begum Anu. 2nd working session was conducted by Secretary of Training, Research & Library Sub-committee of BMP Rina Ahmed and the 3rd session was conducted by member of central committee of BMP Shunanda Samaddar.

Working session National Council was attendant 373 councilors. They ware divided in three thematic groups. Councilors actively participated in the different group and shared and raised their views opinions and recommendation on those issues.

Themes of Topics are

  • Struggle for Democracy: Present situation: General Secretary, Central committee  BMP vacillator moderator.
  • Women’s movement Global and National context: Shima Moslem Joint General Secretary. Central committee BMP
  • Consolidation of the organization: quality development of the organization

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