Paralegal Training of Savar District Branch

By on February 6, 2014

A paralegal Training was held on 05, February 2014 at Public Library, Savar, Dhaka. Through initiative of the Central Legal Aid Sub Committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad the Training Program was organized by Savar district branch.  A total number of 49 participants of which 28 were young women actively attended the Training Program from the District Committee & grassroots branches. The program was chaired by Parveen Islam, General Secretary, Savar District Branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. The Training was delivered by Adv.Maksuda Akhter, Director, Legal Advocacy & Lobby (Legal Aid), Adv.Fatema Khatun, Junior Lawyer & Adv. George Chowdhury, Junior Lawyer, Central Legal Aid Unit, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Adv. Maksuda Akhter has discussed about the Organizational system of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, Family Laws, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980, The Prevention of Acid Offences Act, 2002, Penal Code, Nari o Sishu Nirjaton Daman Ain, 2003, Human Trafficking Deterrence & Suppression Act, 2012, Fatwa, Hilla Marriage.

Adv.Fatema Khatun has discussed about Client counseling, Arbitration & Complaint procedure of Victim support center.

Adv. George Chowdhury has discussed about investigation, Medico legal & others regular activities of Bangladesh Mahila parishad.

The training program was conducted by Kosco Asad, legal Aid Secretary, Savar District Branch of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.

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