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By on January 21, 2015
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29th foundation anniversary of Rokeya Sadan

On 7th January 2015, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) celebrated the 29th foundation anniversary of Rokeya Sadan at Sufia Kamal auditorium in Segun Bagicha.

This program was chaired by BMP president Ayesha Khanam.  As a special guest Mili Biswash, President of Bangladesh Women’s Police network and Munira Emdad, managing director of Tangail Saree Kutir emlighted the Program and made the occussion more significant indeed.

General Secretary, Maleka Banu, Rokeya Sadan Secretary Nasreen Mansur and student of Rokeya Sadan Shanchita Rani shared their speech among others as well.

Mili Bishwas said in her speech that we are followers of Begum Rokeya. How difficult the way is, we will not stop our forward march. We will be not alone if we are together. In respect to the sacrifices of thousands of our mother and sister during the liberation war. We have to work together for protecting women rights. She ended her speech through showing her desire to be a part of Rokeya Sadan as a contributor.

Mumira Emdad said, in her part that women are victim of violence in every sphere the society. We have to work to protect their rights women are  contributing in everywhere of the society through their hard works like-garments, agricultural field etc. So there is no chance to – behind them.

General Secretary, Maleka Banu said from last 3 decades Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is working to help the victimized women to live a respectful life in our society.

Many renowned person of the society helping us voluntary towards our objects. This is one of the parts of protecting women’s woman rights. To give our effort a successful one we also need help from all over the society. To make it possible she asked the state to take it more seriously from the part of their responsibility.

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Chair of the event Ayesha Khanam delivered her words by saying that Rokeya, Pritilota, Sufia Kamal Monorama Basu are most unforgettable parts of our history and culture. We all are carrying their dreams. We are working to be a support for the women we become vuloneble by the society in some cares by their own family members. This is indeed a symbolic work for the society. Many high profiled person of the society and renowned organization as well are supporting as in different ways. To stop all kinds of violence against women. Firstly we have to reveal the exact scenario of vulnerability of the victimized women them. We have to create way of living a respectful life for the victims.

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Our society through it’s culture, practice custom always make us to belive that we are women, we are in ferior. She quoted the words of Rokeya “we are not ornaments, make us educated and let us to be free.” So women have to make our own way for our rights despite all the difficulties. She ended her speech by asking all women to own come from all the mental obstacles.

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The second part of the program certificate giving ceremony held among the trained students. The program ended with a cultural program. Jharna, Rabeya, Nabeen, Mayabi, Aysha, Fahima and Sanchita performed in the cultural program.

Dr. Shameem Afroz Alvi, member, Rokeya Sadan facilitated the inaugural part. Cultural program was facilitated by Arifa Choudhury Himel, teacher-Rokeya Sadan Mayabi and Ayesha as well.

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Vice-prsident Dr. Fauzia Moslem, Rekha Choudhury, Joint General Secretary, Rakhi Das Purkastha and Shima Moslem, Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum, Publication Secretary Sorabon Tahura, Communication Secretary Dil Monoara Monu, Training Research and library Secretary Rina Ahmed, Education & Cultural Secretary Bula Osman, Member Dipa Islam, Joyanty Roy, Rehana Yunus was present of the program.

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