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By on June 21, 2015
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Strengthening Local Government through Empowerment of Grassroots Women Roundtable discussion meeting


“The role of Local Government in establishing good governance and democracy: The challenges and deliverables of elected women representatives in carrying out their responsibilities.


A Roundtable discussion meeting on “The role of Local Government  in establishing Good governance and Democracy: The challenges and deliverables of Elected Women Representatives in carrying out their responsibilities” was organized by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, Movement subcommittee, Belabo district Branch on 27th May 2015 at the Upazila Parishad Auditorium.


The Roundtable discussion meeting was presided over by the President of the Belabo District Branch of BMP Rabeya Khatun Santi, and the program was conducted by General Secretary, Belabo Nazrin Haque Hena. The program commenced with a round of introduction.

Sultana Razia, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Belabo was present as special guests.

Local government representatives such as Elected Male and Female representatives of Union Parishad,  Chairman, of different Union, Abu Taher Dewan, Police Inspector, Investigation, Belabo  thana, Omar Faruque Bhuiyaan, Upazilla Education Officer, Social workers, Upazilla Poverty Alleviation Officer, Belabo, Upazila Women affairs Officer, Zerina Sultana  & other upazila officers were also attended the discussion meeting.  In total 100 participants attended the Roundtable discussion  meeting.

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Asst. General Secretary, Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum,  Movement Secretary, Kazi Sufia Akhtar  of BMP Central Committee,  Project Coordinator, Khodeja Akter Nazma, Program Officer, Ayesha Khatun, Accounts Officer Ashikur Rahman,  Organizers, leaders, from Belabo District Branch also participated in the roundtable discussion meeting.


The General Secretary of Belabo District Branch Nazreen Haque Hena, delivered the welcome speech. She delivered her speech about the role of local Government representative in establishing democracy and Good governance.

Assistant General Secretary, adv. Masuda Rehana Begum said that the first step of women empowerment is to establish women’s rights and human rights. Women must develop themselves. Chairmen of the local government bodies have been observed to develop a masculine bias and neglect to delegate work to the women representatives. Women representatives must work towards eliminating violence against women. Rape cases must not be settled from within but sent for trial. Child marriage and child labor promoters must be punished as per the law. In order to reduce the rate of violence against women, child marriage rates must be reduced. The chairmen must play a crucial role in eliminating such hindrances in the society. They must not aid in forging certifications and the likes in favor of child marriages. All the agencies together must work towards reducing and eliminating violence and injustice towards women.

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Movement Secretary, Kazi Sufia Akhter elaborated on the history and various institutions that comprise of the local government. She said that the local government is the authority the grass root people reach out to. It is a new form of what the previous system of kingship and monarchy had as the local system of seeking justice and maintaining order and the rule of law. The most important role of the local government is to establish human rights of the mass people. Development is not attainable without the betterment of the grass root people. The elected women representatives of the unions must ensure fulfillment of their mandates professionally. They should obtain help from the other institutions such as primary schools and BMP. Disaster management and women’s maternity health related committees must be formed.

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Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sultana Razia said that women must be more aware of their responsibilities. They must also be trained further. Problems faced by the women representatives in their work must be addressed and solved. They must not only learn from the books but be street smart too. We must all be dedicated and sincere. Women must earn the required qualifications to run their operations.


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