Seminar on “Preventing Violence against Women and Girl Child”

By on September 15, 2015
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On the day of 6th august, 2015 Rokeya Sadan-a rehabilitation centre for women and child in collaboration with central legal aid committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad arranged a seminar on “prevention of violence against women” .The program was presided over by the honorable. The program was started with the introductory speech of Maleka Banu general secretary of the named organization. She discussed that while providing legal support to the victim women and children, Bangladesh Mahila parishad realized the awful situation the victims had to face. Accordingly, considering the reality of our cruel society it started Rokaya Sadan as a rehabilitation centre for the victims. Therefore, from the beginning of their work this organization is addressing government to take this kind of initiatives by them as well. Consequently, recently government took initiatives to establish like victim support centre, one stop crisis centre and many other. She proudly mentioned that, the dream they cherished in their time,now it’s came into reality through the contemporary global protest against violence against women and child.

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The main discussion on the title of the seminar began with the speech by Prof. Dr. Masuda Begum, member of Rokeya Sadan subcommittee. She said that, violence against women has been practicing from decades and unfortunately it will remain in our society. She emphasized that, not only physical but also mental torture and interfering and violating women’s right to freedom comes under the term “violence”. She sadly mentioned that, though our government highly appreciates our activities to protest violence but they hardly take any initiative to prevent it. She ended with the request that, it is high time all the organizations like Mahila Parishad should come forward to start more rehabilitation centers like Rokeya Sadan.

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Adv. Maksuda Akhter director of advocacy and lobbying of the central legal aid sub-committee discussed about the laws on prevention of violence against women and children. In her speech she shortly presented the progress of their current activities.

Later on, Vice-president Dr. Fouzia Moslem discussed about the various initiatives so far taken by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad to protect the rights of women and children & also to prevent violence against women and children. She said that, Rokeya Sadan is a part of their activates for preventing violence against women and children.

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Later on, and Masuda Begum Member of Rokeya sadan sub-committee discussed about the victims of different kinds of violence respectively. She highlighted the moto of the organization which is to establish human rights of women through empowering them. She also said that from the last two decades they are working in multidimensional way to protect women rights. Further she mentioned that, being a patriotic society it is the right of the male to torture women. Short of enough legislation, lack of implementing the existing laws and lack of access to justice are the most significant reasons behind violence against women as mentioned by her. Finally she said that, the object of rehabilitation centers is not only to ensure security but also to enhance their mental capability. Accordingly, Rokeya Sadan works to ensure justice and to make victims able to back to the society with her proper dignity.

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He program came to an end with the speech of the honorable chair of the program. In her speech Ayesha Khanam president of the central committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad said that, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad carry out it works in a multidimensional way. Rokeya sadan is a significant part of the organization. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is a name of creation, protection and prevention. In 1980 the legal aid committee officially started its journey and considering the requirement rokeya sadan was started as well. To bring smile in the face of the women’s who are victim of violence is the chore object of all the activates to prevent violence against women. She proudly mentioned that, during the last three decades Bangladesh Mahila Parishad successfully made her room in the national and international community and with the help of the donors currently it succeed to start a new beginning by involving the new generation. For her, this is the ultimate success of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. She concluded her speech by making a wish that, in near future this new generation will be the torch bearer of their dream to prevent violence against women.

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To make the program a successful one, along with joint general secretary Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum, Joint general secretary Rakhi Dash Purokaysto, Sheema Moslem, organization secretary Umme Salma Begum, educaion & cultural secretary Bula Osman, Kazi Sufia Akhter, Secretary of International affairs Rekha Saha, finance secretary DI Afroz Begum, training, research & library secretary Reena Ahmad, media secretary Di MOnwara Monu, publication secretary Saraban Tahura more than 35 leaders  of the central committee was present there.

This program was facilitated by secretary of Rokeya Sadan sub-committee Nasreen Mansur.

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