Sharing Meeting Between Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and Asian Christian Women’s Conference

By on December 15, 2015
BMP International 1

On 14th November 2015, Executive secretary of Asian Christian Women’s Conference (ACWC) Rev. Lee, Moon Sook visited BMP Office. On that occasion International sub- committee organized a sharing meeting between Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and Asian Christian Women’s Conference to exchanged view, experience, and methodology of working.


Ayesha Khanam President of BMP gave a warm welcome to all participants especially representative of National Council of Churches in Bangladesh and Asian Christian Women’s Conference. International secretary Rekha Saha presented a brief presentation on BMP vision, mission, core values, Broad goal, area of activity, working method and ideology of work. President requested Executive Secretary of ACWC Lee, Moon Sook, to share about her working method.


Executive secretary of Asian Christian Women’s Conference (ACWC) Rev. Lee, Moon Sook said, The Asian Church Women’s Conference itself as a full partner with individuals and organizations that are dedicated to enabling of women, children and the whole of humankind to creation of a society where there is more meaningful peace, justice and love. ACWC itself is working beyond the boundaries of culture and creed, color and race to create strong regional networks with women.

She describes that Ecumenical movement concern about social and global change and want to established social justice. Also Ecumenical movement is a very special issue to support women in difficult situation. National Council of Churches in Bangladesh (NCCB) also works for Ecumenical movement to unite for progress for women population. Currently ACWC have total 19 country members of NCWC bodies. She expressed that, it’s a great honor to visited BMP office.

BMP International 2

President of Ayesha Khanam- thanks ACWC and NCWC to visit BMP. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) is women’s human rights organization which emerged as a woman’s group the preparatory phase of liberation war of Bangladesh in 1970. BMP working as a voluntary membership based national action oriented mass women’s organization  and working with cross culture women’s from any religion, class, society . Organization was launched under the bold leadership of Poet Sufia Kamal, the competent successor of Begum pioneer dreamer of women’s emancipation of the sub-continent.  BMP’s focal criterion is to crossing the border and celebrating owning the spirit of pluralism. We also deliberately embrace the vibrant of plurality and tried to work untidily.

BMP International 3

President informs that BMP strongly maintain regional and national network also. Since 1997 BMP got member of Economic and Social Council of United Nations (ECOSOC) .BMP is the oldest organization where work for peace freedom, dignitary and leadership.  BMP’s leader got chance to attend the previous CSW session, Beijing platform for action, CEDAW meeting and others international meeting. As a result more than 4 decade BMP linked with global women’s movement and have long experience of global women’s view. Through this experience BMP’s member achieved dignitary leadership and crossing the border, culture, idea and efforts. Although there is different geographical demarcation but we realized that we faced lots of common problem. BMP Working together to explore the method of unity among the global women’s movement in a multidimensional way.

BMP International 4

President informed that BMP had a united platform of Social Acton committee (SAC) where 68 women, human rights and development organizations work together to established women’s human right. President said from quote of Rabindranath that “you must celebrate of freedom of choice and thinking, mobility, believes. If people practice those in their daily life there will be less conflict and more humanity. She said, In 2015 Secretary-General’s Ban ki Moon, at the opening session of the Commission on the Status of Women remarks that “At the same time, progress remains unacceptably [slow], and our gains are not irreversible.”

BMP International 5

Bangladesh is a country where Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian all religion people live together. It’s out practice and experience to respect each other religion. There is a declare constitution where clearly declare that Bangladesh is a non -communal state and should ensure equal right for all citizen of the country. But unfortunately practice of traditional family experiences, institutional wrong education some unexpected occurrence also happened. BMP as an organization try to equal in all religion for establishment of humanism. BMP have 45 years working experience of plurality and pluralism. Now currently working for established peace and resist, protest and try to raise voice against that. This is the way we work. It is the way to celebrating, embracing and find the way to work together. President urges that, let us embrace and let us open the door, don’t be very mean, let us share each other, take and give others.

Lee Chung Liee, Executive member, ACWC ( Koria), Maleka Banu, General Secretary, BMP, Rakhi Das Purkayashta, Joint General Secretary BMP, Kazi Sufia Akhter, Movement Secretary, BMP, Sara Ban Tohura, Publication Secretary, BMP, Rekha Saha, International Secretary, BMP, Roseline Elora Adhikari, Ex-Co member , Co member, ACWC, NCCB, Ranalcl Samdder, Head of Finance, NCCB, Daisy  Roy, Women Secretary, NCCB, Suhana Parvin, Program Officer, BMP also took participation in the meeting.

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