Study circle meeting with the students of Green university of Bangladesh

By on October 18, 2017

A study circle titled ‘Women’s Human Rights: The Role of Youth’ organized a meeting with the students of Department of Law, Green University of Bangladesh on 27 September 2017. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad’s Research, Training and Library Sub-committee organized the event to bridge the inter-relation between the youth and women activists.

The programme was presided over by the Prof. Dr. Noor Mohammad, Chairperson, Department of Law, Green University of Bangladesh. Shima Moslem, Joint General Secretary, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad and Advocate Dipti Rani Sikder, member of Training, research & Library sub-committee were discussant the subject. At the beginning of the program Rina Ahmed, secretary, Training, Research and Library Sub-Committee, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad discussed about the goals and activities of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Senior research and Training officer Shahazadi Shamima Afzaly, Afroja Arman research officer and Humaira khatun, member of Training, research & Library sub-committee were present at the meeting. There was a large number of participant including students, professors.

Dipti Rani Sikder spoke about different laws & its implementation related to violence against women such as the prevention of repression against women & children act 2000, sexual abuse & harassment act etc. An overwhelming majority of women encounter some level of sexual harassment in their pursuit of an education or livelihood in Bangladesh, despite the High Court guidelines in May 2009 to prevent sexual harassment at educational institutions and in workplaces that complaint committees should be formed and conduct investigations and make recommendations. Increasing self awareness and believing equality of men & women are important component to prevent violence against women and girls. She was very hopeful that young generation will play important role in the establishment of human rights not only for women also for both of men & women together.

Sima moslem explain that women always deprived of their rights and victimized by man due to the exiting patriarchic attitude of the society towards women. A boy or girl child has biological difference by born but gradually they are grow up as men or women through a socialization process which violates women’s human rights. Traditional gender concept in the society has to be changed. Violence against women & girls should not be considered as a women’s personal issue, it’s a social problem. She also emphasized about law of VAW and maintained that law by itself isn’t enough to prevent VAW, women should aware about their own rights & relevant law and enforcement of law is also very important. Both men & women should work together to prevent violence against women & girls.

Distinguished Prof. Maimul Ahsan Khan and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Khan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Green University of Bangladesh both emphasized on women empowerment at the grass root level through education , entrepreneurship training for achievement of women’s human rights.

Prof. Dr. Noor Mohammad in his concluding speech explain that women should be aware about their own rights to reduce violence and discrimination against women that many formations have been made in the said this country for women but it is high time for youth to come forward and participate for the betterment of the society as whole, men and women equally. Finally, he thanked to BMP for organizing study circle

The students shared their views and experiences, and also given opinion about women’s human right. Total 76 students and a teacher were present at that program.

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