Study circle with the students of National College of Home Economics

By on May 6, 2015
BMP Training and Research 4

Study circle organized by Training, Research & Library subcommittee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad with the students of 4th year, department of Child Development and Social Relation of National College of Home economics on 26 April 2015. Senior Research and Training officer Shahazadi Shamima Afzaly, Sr. Research and Training officer, Saleha Banu Shaba and Afroja Arman Training & Research officer were present at that program. At the beginning of the program Shahazadi Shamima Afzaly discussed about the goals and activities of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. After that, open discussion started on the issues on violence against women and discrimination between men and women in our patriarchal society. The students has shared their personal views and experiences, and also given opinion about violence against women. Majority of them agreed that women always deprived from her rights and victimized by man due to the exiting patriarchic attitude of the society towards women. They also said, women should be aware about their own rights to reduce violence and discrimination against women. Most importantly, family awareness is very influential to reduce violence against women. Finally, the student given thank to BMP for organizing a study circle. Some of the students wished to join BMP as a volunteer. Total 28 students and a teacher were present at that program.

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