Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children

Across the world, a healthy environmental is considered as the main condition for sustainable development. It is now clear that people are responsible for climate change around the world. Bangladesh is also facing severe environmental catastrophe due to lack of awareness about environmental protection strategies and laws. Due to disasters caused by environmental pollution and climate change, women and children are in the most vulnerable condition. With special emphasis on protection of human rights of women in environmental disasters caused by climate change, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has formed the Environment sub-committee.

The aims of this sub-committee is to create awareness among the women about the crisis created in their lives due to climate change and to involve women in the decision-making and implementation process at government and non-government level. Central sub-committee secretary maintains regular communication and also provides necessary supports to the district branches. To achieve the targets, the Environment sub-committee aims to celebrate the Environment Day on 5th June every year at the center and district.

To address the important issues about environmental pollution and climate change, massive campaign and movements are necessary to  promote the existing environmental laws and create awareness among the people about air pollution, river pollution and waste management. Memorandum should be given in case of violation of any law. It is also important to discuss the problems and lobbying with public representatives to address the problems during and after any disasters. Young members need to be involved with such movements and discussions. The social media is another attractive platform that can be used to create awareness posts about environmental issues.

To achieve these targets, BMP has formed the environment sub- committee in the district branches. They organize local programs in collaboration with organizations that work on environmental issues. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad is now getting the opportunity to share views by regularly participating in seminars and exchange meetings with GIHA, UN WOMEN, BICAS (abbreviations) and other organizations working with environment. Awareness about environmental laws has increased at the center and district level.

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