Social Welfare

Aims, Objectives, and Programs


To move forward according to the capacity of the owner of your property by prioritizing the constitutional almost equal rights of the underprivileged children and women who are backward in the family and society in various areas of the individual, family, society, and the state.


To do so mentally and family situationally in looking ahead in intellectual, educational, and vocational education in getting equal rights for disadvantaged backward women in individual, family, and society.


The program of the Social Welfare Sub-Committee is seasonally based on the demand of the District Committee during floods and winters with money as much as possible to provide clothes and warm clothes during winters and in addition, awareness discussion meetings on the various infection of the teenage adulations period and awareness discussion meetings on the emergency tetanus injection, women’s physical problems including breast, uterine cancer, and menopause are discussed widely with awareness. Such programs around women’s day can also be done as health camps for women’s health awareness.

This sub-committee formulates and implements programs in accordance with the constitution of the organization with respect to the universal rights of women.

Recent Activities

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