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Discrimination, violence against women and girls (VAWG) is prevailing in family, society and state due to discriminatory attitude on women and girls, unequal power relation of patriarchal society, discriminatory family laws, social norms and practices. Incidents of VAWG acts as a major hindrance towards women’s dignity and equality of men and women. If discrimination and VAWG exist, it’s impossible to establish an equality-based humanitarian family, society and state. Therefore, from the early 80’s, Legal Aid Sub- Committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad started its journey of preventing and protecting VAWG with a view to violence free equality-based family, society and state.

Legal Aid Sub- Committee of BMP is carrying out multidimensional activities for prevention and protection of VAWG. It is promoting right based and service-oriented activities, operating discriminatory law reform movement and social integration of VAWG victims to reach its goal.

Major Activities of the Sub-Committee:

Major Activities of the Sub-Committee:

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