Mass Media

Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children

Mass Media Sub-Committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has been working to establish a gender sensitive society and establish women’s human rights by creating public opinion, disseminating information on women’s movement, law reform movements and awareness raising programs on violence against women among the citizens of different levels of society, especially among the marginalized groups.

Aims of the Mass Media Sub-Committee are:


Published BMP leaders and organizers articles in print media with high priority. Frequent times, BMP leaders also participated in a talk show in electronic media and providing comments and interviews to mobilize public opinion, raising awareness and policy advocacy against violence against women and promoting women’s rights issues. Mass media subcommittee maintained a strong network with the media, regularly shared with the journalists on challenges of women’s rights  and their own challenges in work place. Many of the women journalists involved themselves in the women’s movement through Mahila Parishad. Special programs are broadcast on special days in print and electronic media and special articles are published in print media.

Recent Activties

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