Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children


The main objective of the Central Finance Sub-Committee is to build the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad on an efficient, strong, modern and up-to-date basis by maintaining international standards of accounting and financial rules, procedures and discipline.


Proper financial management is one of the conditions for conducting all the activities of the organization. This is one of the few foundations on which an organization stands. Financial management consists of a number of specific action plans. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad has been doing things consciously, with responsibility and accountability since its birth. The main purpose of this sub-committee is to:


The task of formulating financial action plan is very important for the implementation of the goals and objectives of the organization. A realistic financial plan contributes greatly to the overall success of the organization


The achievements of the sub-committee are mentioned below:

Recent Activities

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