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Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children

Training, Research and Library sub committee is to enhance the professional skills of the organizers, staff and members of the organization with the aim of realizing the rights of women by organizing the women’s society of Bangladesh and also provide clear and unambiguous ideas about the working methods and procedures of the women’s movement, various new issues of the women’s movement and to enrich them with information and theoretical ideas. This Sub committee will adopt and implement plans to improve the quality of organization and organizers. It also provides training and courses for wider society to promote gender awareness and women rights.



Training, Research and Library Sub committee conducts training program for members, organizers and staff of committees to conduct multi-dimensional activities efficiently and professionally. Training is given in three ways. There are:

Gender certificate course

BMP has introduced an annual three month long certificate course on “Gender, Women Empowerment and Development” since 2011. The participants includes: govt. officer, development worker, human right activist, lawyer and students. Resource persons include academician, researcher, human rights and social activist, gender specialist, legal experts etc. Apart from theoretical classes, group work, panel discussions has been included in the course curriculum. The main objective of Certificate Course is to create and wider gender sensitive society, building bridge between academicians and right activists which will be helpful to reach the goal of women’s movement at large.


After the 5th National Conference in 1989, the first Research Sub committee was formed. One of the major aims of Bangladeh Mahila Parishad is prevention and elimination of Violence Against Women. Bangladesh Mahila Parishad conducts a yearly survey on the situation of violence against women.

Study circle

Training, Research and Library Sub committee conducts study circle with the aim to strengthen the movement, building knowledge and to encourage and involve young people towards achieving women’s human right.


After the 10th Conference, the library activities officially started in 2003 with a new impetus. Books and reference materials on gender and development, CEDAW, global women’s movement, bulletins, annual reports, publications of BMP and other organizations have been collected and preserved in the library which is used by BMP members, staff and researchers. There are three types of library work. Library management, reference preservation and information dissemination, various notable articles published in newspaper and journals are sent to the district.


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