National Committee against VAWG and Social Anomy

Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children

In 2018, the National Committee against Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Social Anomy started its journey with the aim of building a united larger movement involving people of all classes and professions against VAWG and social anomy to establish a just and descent society. Incidents of VAWG and social anomy are of great concern. Drug addiction, cyber crime, unemployment problem, socio-economic & political unrest, spread of corruption, delayed justice have a profound impact on the young generation and thereby social anomy is increasing alarmingly. In view of this alarming situation, the VAWG & Social Anomy prevention movement has been spreaded at central as well as district level. Through the initiative of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP), Committees against VAWG and Social Anomy have been formed all over the country in participation of conscientious and sensitive people of the civil society.

BMP is acting the secretariat of National Committee against Violence against Women and Girls and Social Anomy. National Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman was the honorable founder chairperson and Ayesha Khanam, President of BMP, was the Convenor of the National Committee against VAWG and Social Anomy. The renowned, aceptable and resposible persons of the society like academicians, writers, lawyers, physicians, journalists, economists, cultural personalities, social activists, artists, human rights defenders and civil society presonels are the honorable members of National Committee against VAWG and Social Anomy.

During the Covid-19 we lost many honorable members of the Committee including  honorable chairperson National Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman, honorable members Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder of BRAC; eminent journalist and cultural personality Kamal Lohani, National Professor Engineer Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, former Attorney General Adv. Mahbube Alam, President of BMP & Convener of the Committee Ayesha Khanam, honorable members & Joint General Secretary of BMP Advocate Rakhi Das Purkayastha and so on. The Committee expressed deep condolence at the sad demise of the honorable members.

From its inception the Committee is organizing sharing viwes meeting, discussions, seminars, convention, press conferences, dialogue etc on the emerging issues of VAWG and Social Anomy. It is trying to aware people and receiving recomendations to stop VAWG and Social Anomy. The recommendations got from the programmes were submitted to the relevent ministries. BMP`s central leaders share the recommendations and assurence has been given to consider the same with importance. A report has been published narrating important activities of the Committee. 

At present Barrister M. Amir-ul Islam is acting as the Chairperson and Dr. Fauzia Moslem, President of BMP, is acting as the Convenor of the National Committee against VAWG and Social Anomy.

Recent activities

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