Family, society and the state must come forward to prevent suppression against women and children

The Publication Subcommittee is one of the most important parts of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad’s (BMP) long-term struggle and journey to build a democratic, progressive, secular, and rational society and state with equal rights between men and women.

The Publication subcommittee is working to promote the goals, objectives, ideals, and programs of BMP to build women’s movement as a stronger social force and to establish women’s human rights.

The Publication subcommittee regularly publishes the organization’s quarterly bulletin Mahila Samachar and Mahila Parishid Journal. In addition to the regular issue of Mahila Samachar, special issues are published to commemorate a special person, day, or event. Besides, program and subject-related books, survey and research reports, booklets, posters, leaflets, etc. are regularly published and distributed under this subcommittee.

Articles and writings on national and international topics are collected from experts in the respective fields under the direct supervision of the Central Publication Editor. Besides, reports and pictures are collected from central subcommittees and district branches. Along with these, to increase youth engagement with the organization young women’s writings, short stories, and poems are published regularly.

Program of the Publication Subcommittee:

Recent activities

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