Training on Report Writing Skills

A training session on “Report Writing Skills” was conducted at the central office of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) on 31 August 2023. The session was led by Qurratul-Ain-Tahmina, renowned journalist and consultant, Prothom Alo News. The training aimed to enhance the report writing skills of the officials of the organization. The session was chaired by Dr. Fauzia Moslem, President of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad.

Journalist Qurratul-Ain-Tahmina said that it is important to research and plan before writing a report. Knowing where to start, what to write, and how to write will make it easier. The style of writing an official report may be different, but the basics remain the same. It is important to check data, evidence, descriptions, statements, pictures, and sources. The report should have a logical order, relevant information, and avoid repetition. The beginning and end of the report should be similar, and it should be written in clear and understandable language. Emotions should be kept in check to maintain the quality of the report. The report will not reveal the photo or identity of a rape victim. She highlighted the need to be careful when mentioning details like the place, name, and source in order to protect the victim’s identity.

Dr. Fauzia Moslem, President of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, said that BMP is involved in various activities, including training programs. She emphasized the need for reporters to understand and highlight women’s rights in their reports. She believes that the knowledge gained from the training will be put into practice and have a positive impact.
In her welcome speech, Joint General Secretary Shima Moslem said the reports of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad will be more accurate, objective and effective through today’s training.

The training session was held by the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Several leaders and officials of the organization spoke at the event, including Joint General Secretary Seema Moslem and Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum. The training covered various topics such as environment, social welfare, and international affairs. A total of 50 people attended the training session.

The session was conducted by publication secretary Saraban Tahura.

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