Women's Rights are Human Rights

What we do

Help line for Victim of Violence

01717 363 647 or 01727 209 271

Awareness Raising

Awarness Raising

Establishing a strong women movement to fight the challenges of the 21st century by raising awareness and organising womenfolk. Working to build awareness at the grassroots level on violence against women.

Violence against Women

Resisting Violence Against Women

We are continuously working for accelerating a social movement to resist violence against women ( VAW). We are is working to address the challenge of Revivalism of religious fundamentalist groups resisting Women's Rights who are also getting support from democratic parties.

Legal Support

BMP legal aid subcommittee support to the victim of VAWG throughout the country. BMP introduced hotline no. on it’s Facebook page to extend support to the victims.

Rokeya Sadan

Shelter Home (Rokeya Sadan)

BMP run Rokeya Sadan is a transient safe shelter home for women and girl child who are victims of violence and social injustice. A total number of 6 including 2 new victims were given shelter in Sadan.

Advocacy and Lobby

Movement & Advocacy Lobby

BMP did advocacy lobby in multidimentional approach. BMP also did advocacy lobby in the global platform like UNCEDAW Committee, UN Human Rights Council, UN Women, global Girls Not Bride (GNB).

Orientation with district representatives

Capacity Building

As a part of law reform movement to ensure gender equity and gender justice. BMP continued advocacy and lobby with Policy Maker, Human Rights Commission and UN organizations and other women and human rights organization for enactment of Uniform Family Code (UFC)

Statistics of Violence against Women and Girl Child (VAWG)

Based on news published in 13 national dailies preserved in Bangladesh Mahila Parishad

Activity Report

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