Legal Supports

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is considered a major threat to basic framework of women’s human rights in Bangladesh. Also in this covid crisis period the trend and frequency of VAWG in the private and public domain clearly suggests that it remains as the biggest obstacle to establish women’s human right.

Numbers of incidences related to rape, gang rape, sexual assault , stalking murder and Child rape are at the top of the list. Child marriage is also  issue of this period. It is to be noted that during this Covid period actual no.of  cases of violence are not reflected as due to limitation in the media reporting. Particularly increased no.of  domestic violence are not reported in the media which has been proved survey by different organizations and working experiences.

BMP aggressively addressed the issue-“Rape is the crime against humanity” through the multifarious programs during this period.

BMP  provided (online and offline) legal support to the victims of violence throughout the country.BMP introduced hotline no. on its Facebook page to extend support to the victims of VAWG. BMP also published GoB’s helpline no. In 2020. BMP provided logistic support for legal activism and capacity building program to district branches. In 2020, a total no. of 105 cases were dealt with by BMP which include both old and new cases.

In 2020, BMP submitted a total no. of 1033 memorandum and memorandum to ensure gender justice to the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Inspector General of Police, and various other Government and Law enforcement agencies and Victim support center (VSC). During the Covid period contact no. of all officers-in-charge (OC) polices station have been collected and compiled and disseminated to all the branches of BMP so that urgent correspondence could be done. Most of the branch organizers directly communicated for giving proper attention to the cases of violence against women and girls.

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