Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Organized Human Chain to Celebrate International Human Rights Day

On December 11, 2023, a human chain was organized by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) at Gulistan Zero Point (in front of GPO) to celebrate International Human Rights Day.

Dr. Fouzia Moslem, President of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, led the event. The program included speeches from Maleka Banu, General Secretary of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad; Shima Moslem, Joint General Secretary; Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum, Joint General Secretary; Rabeya Khatun Shanti, Secretary of Movement; Rina Ahmed, Secretary of Training, Research, and Library; and Rehana Yunus, General Secretary of the Dhaka Metropolitan Committee.

General Secretary, Maleka Banu, said although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises rights for all, the current situation is different. Despite international laws, they are not effectively protecting human rights. Even the United Nations is worried about the Gaza situation. To ensure everyone’s rights, people must stop violence in families, society, and the country. She wants security & safety for everyone during the upcoming 12th national elections in Bangladesh to protect lives & ensure a peaceful life.

Other leaders at the meeting said that because of ongoing wars and conflicts around the world, there are more violations of people’s rights. These violations, like violence against women, are making everyone’s lives unsafe. Organizations are trying different things to stop violence against women and girls, but women still face discrimination in their families, schools, and jobs because of old-fashioned ideas about men being more important. The speakers said we need peaceful solutions to stop these rights violations and make a fair and equal society for men and women. This means supporting women’s intelligence and love for their country, stopping people from using their power and drugs in bad ways, and ensuring everyone is treated fairly under the law.

Dalit representative Sirisha said that the people of the Dalit community have no rights over their land. They are deprived of all the benefits of being citizens. She advocates for the establishment of a society that eliminates all forms of discrimination.

Dr. Fauzia Moslem, the President, said in her speech that global peace is disappearing because of ongoing wars and conflicts. Bangladesh is also affected by this situation. People from marginalized communities, such as minorities, indigenous people, and Dalit women, are experiencing violence. To achieve development, it is not enough to only focus on infrastructure. Education, healthcare, and good governance are also important for the well-being of the general population. The Human Rights Commission should be allowed to work independently, the judicial system should be independent, corruption needs to be eliminated, the Constitution of 1972 should be reinstated, and steps should be taken to establish a democratic system that emphasizes education and cultural development to remember the liberation war.

The central committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, along with the Secretarial team, staff, and journalists from print and electronic media, attended the human chain program. After the human chain, a rally was organized from Gulistan to Paltan intersection.

The event was led by Jana Goswami, advocacy and lobby director of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP).

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