Discussion Meeting in Honor of Late President Hena Das Held at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Her Birth Centenary

A discussion meeting was held at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on February 13, Tuesday at 3:00 PM to honor the late President of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, Hena Das, on her birth centenary. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fouzia Moslem, the current President of BMP, with welcoming remarks by General Secretary Maleka Banu. The event included floral tributes to Hena Das, musical performances by Suraiya Akhtar and a group of artists, poetry recitation by Layla Afroze, and a tribute offered by Dr. Makhduma Nargis Ratna, the Vice-President of BMP.

General Secretary Maleka Banu announced plans to celebrate Hena Das’ 100th birthday with a year-long schedule, highlighting her impactful work in student activism and advocacy for women’s rights. Hena Das’ dedication to promoting equality and inspiring others through her book “Charpurush-er Kahini” has left a lasting impact on the organization and society.

The speakers said that Hena Das believed in true socialism and was committed to it. She was part of a generation that has experienced big changes in their beliefs. To support women’s rights and fight against extreme beliefs, young people should read Hena Das’s writings and learn about the movement she was a part of.
Well-known journalists, former CPB president Mojahidul Islam Selim, CPB Presidium member A.N. Rashida, Shahriar Kabir from the Committee to Eradicate Killers and Collaborators of ’71, Advocate Montu Ghosh from the Supreme Court and CPB Central Committee, former secretary Ranjit Kumar Saha from Dhaka University Senate, architect Dr. Nazrul Islam, course coordinator Suchitra Sarkar from Bangladesh Film and Television Institute, and architect Nabneeta Islam attended the event.

Present discussants said that Hena Das is remembered as a historical leader who embraced people from all social classes, advocated for female educators’ rights, demanded justice for war criminals, and left a lasting legacy of dedication and courage. Her life story is considered crucial in understanding various aspects of life over the past 200 years, and there are calls to integrate her legacy into the educational curriculum to ensure her memory lives on for future generations.

Dr. Fauzia Moslem, in the President’s speech, praised Hena Das for her leadership qualities and ability to fulfill responsibilities effectively. She emphasized that Hena Das should be seen as an ideal figure to follow, rather than trying to replace her. Hena Das has shown the importance of respect, support, determination, and preparedness in her work, and she serves as an inspiration for women activists to follow her example.

The discussion forum was attended by members of the central committee of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP), the secretarial team, members of local committees, members of the Bangladesh Communist Party, members of social resistance committees, representatives of various organizations, the president of the Women Journalists’ Center Nasimun Ara Minu, and journalists and staff from print and electronic media.

The event was conducted by the joint general secretary Seema Moslem.

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