Human Chain: raising awareness on drug prevention and violence against women and girls

On August 9, 2023 (Wednesday) at 4 pm, a human chain was held in front of Adarshanagar, Kalshi main road, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka, with the aim of raising awareness on drug prevention and violence against women and girls. The event was jointly organized by the Central Legal Aid Sub-Committee, and the Dhaka City Committee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP).

Rehana Yunus, the General Secretary of the Dhaka City Committee, chaired the meeting. Speakers at the event included Rekha Saha, secretary of Legal Aid, Humaira Khatun, Social Welfare Secretary of the Central Committee, Shamima Afroze Irin, secretary of Legal Aid in the Dhaka City Branch, Jana Goswami, the Director of Advocacy and Lobbying, Senior Adv. Ram Lal Raha, and a local resident named Pakhi.

BMP organizers and local residents were also present.

Speakers expressed their strong condemnation of a teenage girl’s suicide during the arrest of her mother claiming involvement with drug business in the Adarshnagar area on 24th July. They emphasized the need to investigate the underlying reasons behind this suicide and the spread of drug addiction in the city.

The speakers highlighted the alarming increase in drug use among young people and the resulting violence against women. They stated that if society fails to eradicate drug addiction, it will lead to the destruction of individuals, families, and communities. The incident in Pallabi, Mirpur was seen as a reflection of the administration’s failure to prevent drug abuse and its expansion.

The speakers suggested that strict enforcement of the law and a responsible attitude towards professional duties are necessary to combat drug addiction and violence against women. They also emphasized the importance of promoting a healthy cultural dialogue, strengthening border security to prevent drug trafficking, and implementing effective drug control laws. Additionally, raising awareness among young people and engaging families and society in the fight against drug addiction were seen as crucial steps by the states.

This program was conducted by Advocate Fatema Khatun, Lawyer, Legal Aid Sub-Committee of BMP.

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