Memorandum to the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University: “Bangladesh Mahila Parishad Demands Action & Safety”

23rd May 2023, National newspapers published a report that the chairman of the Psychology Department at Rajshahi University and other teachers submitted a memorandum to the Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University, Professor Golam Sabbir Sattar. The memorandum states that on May 21, 2023, a female teacher of the Psychology department was sexually harassed by Professor Dr. Anamul Haque in the chairman’s office. Other teachers were present during the incident. On May 23, 2023, after a meeting of the Academic Committee, Professor Dr. Anamul Haque threatened all the teachers in the department with inappropriate behavior and indecent language. The departmental teachers demanded initiative against this sexual harassment and rude behavior.

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) expressed concern regarding this incident by stating that this kind of rude behavior will affect the teachers, students, and overall learning and working environment of the university.

BMP provided memoranda to the honorable Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University, Professor Golam Sabbir Sattar, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sultan-ul-Islam demanding a thorough and impartial investigation against the accused teacher

To ensure a conducive educational environment, a proper working environment, and the assurance of safety in the university. Dr. Fauzia Moslem, President, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP), Joint General Secretary Adv. Masuda Rehana Begum, Central Legal Aid secretary Rekha Saha; Mahbuba Kaniz Keya, member of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Maliha Parishad, Co-Chairperson of the Rajshahi University Branch, Professor, Department of Psychology at Rajshahi University and Legal Advocacy & Lobby Director of legal aid sub-committee of BMP, Adv. Dipti Shikder was present in the delegation team of BMP.

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