Study Circle with the Department of Women & Gender Studies, Dhaka University

On May 21, 2023, a study circle was organized by the Central Training, Research, and Library Subcommittee of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) & the Women and Gender Studies Department at Dhaka University.

The topic of the study circle was the women’s movement in the current time and Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP). Shima Moslem, Joint General Secretary, BMP, Rina Ahmed, Secretary, Training, Research & Library, Shahjadi Shamim Afzali, Senior Officer, Training & Research, Training and Research Officer Saleha Banu, Research & Training Officer Afroja Arman, and Sub-committee members Dipti Rani Sikder and Kazi Sirajum Munira, were present at the workshop. At the beginning of the study circle, Rina Ahmed gave a brief introduction to Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) to the students.

A total of 45 students participated in the study circle.

Two students from the department, Ashikuzzaman and Jannatul Ferdous, have expressed their opinions on the work of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad towards gender equality. Ashikuzzaman believes that while Mahila Parishad’s work towards gender equality is important, it should also focus on ensuring equal rights for everyone in society. He emphasizes that women’s rights in areas such as parenting and education should not be overlooked.

Jannatul Ferdous, on the other hand, emphasizes the need for Mahila Parishad to address the representation of women as commodities in the media. She believes that by portraying women accurately and positively in the media, their dignity can be enhanced and society’s acceptance of the media will increase.

The recommendations provided for the prevention of violence against women and the empowerment of women by students are as follows:

– Women should be empowered through the acceptance of decisions and increasing their participation in decision-making processes.
– Women-friendly laws should be passed and the implementation of existing laws should be ensured.
– Quota systems should be abolished and equal competition between men and women should be ensured in competitive exams.
– The literacy rate of women should be increased alongside creating awareness among them about their rights.
– Meetings with parents can be held to prevent domestic violence or discriminatory behavior towards women. Counseling services should be provided when necessary.
– Strong movements should be initiated at the root level, as the rate of violence against women is higher in rural areas.
– The organization’s promotion and visibility should be increased through mass media.
– Efforts should be made to educate women about their property rights and ensure their access to property.
– The patriarchal mindset should be eliminated among women and they should be encouraged to think of themselves as individuals rather than just women.
– Research facilities in Mahila Parishad should be increased. The social status and problems of women at all levels of society should be identified and researched.
– Women should be economically, socially, and mentally independent. Dependence on men should be reduced in all areas, including the family.
– Cybercrime should be prevented through the implementation of existing laws and creating awareness among the younger generation.
– The organization should establish its own helpline and provide legal aid services over the phone.
– Men’s participation should be increased in all programs of the organization.

She invited the students to the central office for the study circle organized by BMP and wished everyone well before concluding the study circle.

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