Study Circle with the students of USEP School Bangladesh

On February 11, 2024, in celebration of International Mother Language Day, a study circle titled “The Significance of February 21: International Mother Language Day” was organized by the Training, Research, and Library Subcommittee of USEP School Bangladesh, Mirpur, with the students of 8th and 9th grades. The event featured speeches by Rina Ahmed, secretary, Training, Research, and Library Subcommittee, Shahzadi Shamima Afzali, Senior Training and Research Officer, Afroja Arman, Research Officer, and Shahnaz Akhtar, Assistant Teacher at USEP School.

Rina Ahmed emphasizes the significance of February 21st as International Mother Language Day in her welcome speech. She highlighted the historical event in 1952 when the people of the country fought for the recognition of Bengali as the national language, even sacrificing their lives. Bengali, being our mother language, represents our identity, thoughts, emotions, culture, and heritage. On this day, we honor their bravery and vow to preserve and promote the Bengali language and its rich heritage. It is our duty to use the language correctly and contribute to its growth and development. Let us unite in enriching and uplifting the Bengali language together.

At the event six students from 8th and 9th grade gave present speeches. They explained why this day is celebrated worldwide on February 21st each year. It was started in 1952 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to remember the people who died in the Bengali Language Movement. The students of Dhaka University protested against the government not recognizing Bengali as the national language. The police shot at the protesters and some students died. This event was important in Bangladesh’s fight for independence and brought Bengalis together. In 1999, UNESCO declared February 21st as International Mother Language Day to promote different languages and multilingualism. People celebrate this day by organizing seminars, discussions, and cultural events in schools and universities. Flags are also lowered in government buildings. It is a special day to show love and respect for our mother language.

In the presence of the participants, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes were awarded at the event, and the remaining participants were also awarded as participants. The event was made successful by the enthusiastic participation of the students. A total of 58 students were present at the event.

The event was conducted by Afroja Arman.

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