Training Program (2022) on Awareness and Skill Enhancing of District Organizer of Sylhet and Chottogram Division Aiming Women Empowerment

On the 10th and 11th June, 2022, a two-day training program was held with the district organizers of Sylhet and Chottogram divisions at Hotel Safina, Chottogram under the initiative of the Central Training Research and Library Sub-Parishad of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) and the coordinator of Chottogram district branch.

Among the total eight districts of Sylhet and Chottogram division, 40 organizers from six districts were present; such as- Sylhet, Shunamgonj, Chaadpur, Chottogram, Rangamati and Brahmanbaria except Moulvibazar and Habigonj District. In this training, who were participated as a trainee, most of them have not ever participated in such type of central training program.

The inaugural session of this two-day training program was held on the 10th June, 2022. In this inaugural session, district branch president Professor Lotifa Kobir presided while it was conducting by Shubroto Barua, General Secretary of Chottogram District Branch. Kanai Das was present in this program as a chief guest who was essay writer, columnist, teacher leader and ex-professor of Bashkhali Degree College of Chottogram. Moreover, organization secretary of central committee, Umme Salma Begum also gave her speech.

People who worked as trainer in this two-day training program are-
1. Shima Moslem, Joint General Secretary of central committee (gave an online speech)
2. Umme Salma Begum, Organization Secretary of central committee
3. Rekha Saha, Secretary of Legal Aid, central committee
4. Adv. Dipti Rani Shikdar, In charge Director of Legal Advocacy and Lobi, central legal aid deputy council

People who worked as moderator are-
1. Roma Rani Mohuri, Vice President of Chottogram District Branch
2. Rowshon Ara Yusuf, Vice President of Chottogram District Branch
3. Nuri Asma, Vice President of Barishal District Branch

In this two-day training program, basically training was given on seven issues. The discussed issues are:

1. Activities of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) based on declaration and constitution.
2. Gender concepts and women empowerment: The observed women
3. Women’s rights in the conventional law and take real action and protest against women’s violence.
4. Uniform family law.
5. Initiatives of United Nations in establishment of women empowerment and Cedaw certificate.
6. The flow of movement of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (BMP) and practicable.
7. The flow of real work of organization.
Moreover, the trainees conducted two team work based on women’s violence and organization.
In this two-day training program, people who conducted three session are-
1. Shulekha Pal, Training Secretary of Chottogram District Branch
2. Shati Pal, Organization Secretary of Chottogram District Branch
3. Kawser Jahan Liza, Broadcasting and Publication Secretary of Chottogram District Branch

This two-day training program came to an end with the distribution of certificates among the trainees and ending speech of Secretary of Chottogram District Branch, Professor Latifa Kabir.

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